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Products and Services with high added valuePrivileged access to primary insurance markets, national and international.


MEDIORISCHI is a wholesale broker, developing products and offering services for all insurance intermediaries categories.

As a wholesale broker and placing intermediary, MEDIORISCHI provides Brokers, Agents and other authorized insurance Intermediaries acting as Correspondents, with a complementary offer of products and services of insurance and reinsurance placement.


To become the partner of reference of our correspondents, providing innovative products and services with high added value and the opportunity of facilitated access to the primary national and international insurance markets, allowing them to concentrate their efforts on the management of relations with their customer and fully develop their activity of insurance intermediary.

The MEDIORISCHI credo is based on the centrality of our partners, correspondents, and the continual and constant monitoring of the market.

  • Quality and Professionalism to offer the best possible service to our clients: the Correspondents;
  • Listening and Availability to be able to communicate effectively and maintain a proactive and positive presence;
  • Reactivity to guarantee that quotations, insurance coverage and policies are issued as quickly as possible;
  • Energy to anticipate, innovate and cease all opportunity for growth and results.

“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a successHenry Ford


One of the factors of success of the collaboration between the retail intermediary (the broker, agent or intermediary registered with section E that has a direct relationship with the client) and the wholesale intermediary is given by the complementarity of the roles.

This complimentarity allows the retail intermediary to focus their resources and develop the relationships with their clients in the best way possible. The wholesale intermediary allows access to the specialised insurance markets or those markets not approached and also operates as an acquisition centre for the product offers that it makes available to its Correspondents.