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As a wholesale broker and placing intermediary, MEDIORISCHI offers independent intermediaries such as Brokers, Agents and other authorised insurance intermediaries who act as Correspondents, a complementary offer of products and positioning services for insurance and reinsurance.


Unlike other operators who focus on specific niches in the market, MEDIORISCHI offers a multi-specialist approach that allows us to offer our correspondents products, insurance solutions and placement lines form many different segments of the market:


We developed a wide range of Products and Services for Privates, in reference to several specific activities not protected by local markets.

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We offer solutions for all categories of professionals, even for those not subject to legal requirements. The risk coverage for your professional practice.

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We designed ad hoc products and services for Businesses, to effectively support companies with very specific risks.

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Public Bodies

We developed a skilled expertise in the complex Public Authorities segment, to continuously improve our offer of specific solutions.

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Affinity & Bancassurance

We support our Correspondents in developing specific insurance programs, for both compulsory and voluntary subscriptions. All phases are included, from planning to distribution.

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Health & Welfare

We support our Correspondents in developing complementary health insurance solutions, as well as for the set-up and placement of insurance products for risks related to professional activities.

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Special Risks

We support our Correspondents in the development of solutions for particularly complex risks, usually difficult to manage because not comprehended in the traditional insurance market.

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“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is a successHenry Ford


MEDIORISCHI offers a service with a facility basis (product offer) or a facultative basis (placement) that can be broken down as follows:
  • complimentary product catalogue;
  • research, developments, placement of products that are not typically covered by the underwriting of the correspondent and destined for defined target clientèle, managed  through binding authorities or facilities supported by specialist companies or by the Lloyd’s market;
  • solutions structured to optimise the portfolio;
  • risk placement;
  • support service for placing risks that are not typically covered by the underwriting policies of the companies of reference of the correspondents or for which the local market offers a very limited capacity, or of cancelled positions or of special risks and solutions in terms of profile or insurance capacity requested.

Our offer comprises:

  • international support service through the partners of some important international networks that manage outgoing programs of our correspondents’ clientèle;
  • Specific service for Public Bodies;
  • support for the participation in selection processes held by Public Bodies in the capacity of Lloyd’s Correspondent.

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