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MEDIORISCHI aims to become a point of reference in the development of solutions of those risks that are particularly complex for which the companies of reference find it difficult to guarantee adequate support. Some offers require the use of alternative solutions often created through direct access to the reinsurance tool (facultative reinsurance) which enables the mobilisation of important capacities and the transfer of those risks that are difficult to insure on the traditional market.

For example:

This category contains a range of insurance policies to guarantee the main unexpected occurrences connected to the organisation of concerts, sports events, festivals, film production or other types of events. Among these, of particular relevance is the ‘Cancellation of Events’ policy that protects against any losses (lost profit) suffered by the Policy holder following the cancellation, interruption or postponement of the event due to adverse weather conditions, no-show due to the unavailability of the key persons, terrorist threats or any other event or act beyond the control of the Policy holder.

Solar energy Wind energy Water energy Biomass

Bodies/Civil Liability aircraft Aeronautical injuries, Loss of Licence, Civil Liability of airports, Civil Liability of airport operators, Civil Liability of aeronautical products

Private Collections – All risks and Nominated Risks Exhibitions – All Risks Nail to Nail, Museums – All risks and/or restoration costs Musical instruments, Classic cars, Restoration laboratories

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