The Risk Placement Process

il processo di piazzamento - Mediorischi
The process of placing a risk in non-standard accounts is as follows:

placement request

the Correspondent contacts their MEDIORISCHI contact with a placement request, attaching, if available, the specific questionnaire available in the document repository that correspondents can access in the private area and any available integrative information;

request analysis and submission

the MEDIORISCHI contact examines the request, checking that all the information has been provided and proceeds with the preparation of a submission to propose to the markets selected in relation to the type of coverage requested and the risk profile involved;

quotation/ indication

the Underwriters involved will reply with a quotation/indication, with a request for additional information  if required, or will decline the risk;


the MEDIORISCHI contact will present the quotation terms and relative validity period as well as any clauses that must be met and/or will indicate any additional information required, and the commissions due to the correspondent will be indicated;

coverage hold order

the Correspondent, if the proposal and options presented are accepted by the client, will formalise a coverage hold order, or alternatively a renegotiation with the Underwriters may be requested;

confirmation of coverage

if the coverage hold order is received from the Correspondent, the MEDIORISCHI contact will confirm the coverage according to the terms and conditions accepted by the client, specifying the terms of payment of the premium warranty.

Time scales for handling the process described above vary in relation to the type of coverage requested,  the completeness and details of the information provided and the submission and are also affected by the time it takes to research the most receptive market. On average, times vary from one to three days, but for very complex accounts more days may be needed. The MEDIORISCHI contact will in any case keep the Correspondent that issued the request up to date.

In the case of placement of products supported by facilities or binding authorities (standard accounts), the process is much simpler and the Correspondent will have the elements necessary to provide an initial quote directly to the client.

MEDIORISCHI provides its Correspondents with a systematic reporting system for the placement activity requested by them, highlighting the status of the positions, the response times and the success rate.

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