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The sector of Public Bodies, which is highly complex due to the diverse nature of the services provided and relative associated risks:

  • Central administrations;
  • Regions;
  • Provinces;
  • Communes;
  • Other local administrations;
  • Non financial public bodies;
  • Universities;
  • Healthcare and hospital companies;
  • Welfare and assistance bodies;
  • Local public transport companies;
  • Multi-utilities with public participation;
  • Etc.;

is also undergoing a period of profound change. The current dynamics highlight notable changes in both the procedure for the acquisition of goods and services and in the methods of management and transferral of risks.

The traditional insurance market struggles to respond, or offers an ever more limited response, to the coverage requirements of the public sector, with particular reference to Civil Responsibility.

MEDIORISCHI has developed significant expertise in the sector and is committed to improving the offer of insurance solutions for Public Bodies operating in the capacity of ‘Correspondent’. The multiple solutions on offer include:

  • Third Party Civil Liability Public bodies;
  • Civil Liability Patrimonial Public Body
  • Medical Malpractice Hospitals and ASL;
  • Clinical experimentation;
  • Injuries Public bodies;
  • Fine Arts Public bodies;
  • Casco Public bodies.

MEDIORISCHI has also developed a series of conventions open for employees and administrators of public bodies or companies under public control as well as employees of the National health Service, such as:

  • Civil Liability gross negligence employees and public administrators;
  • Civil Liability gross negligence employees SSN;
  • Legal protection employees and public administrators;
  • Legal protection employees SSN.
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