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A wholesale support specifically designed for the Business sector must be able to respond effectively to the need for support for highly specific risks and highly specialised markets such as, for example and not exclusively:

  • D&O and EPL;
  • Civil Liability private clinics;
  • Civil Liability rail workers;
  • Renewable energies;
  • Civil Liability security firms;
  • Expat;
  • Employee Benefits;
  • Loyalty programs;
  • Maritime;

and must guarantee the continuity of the relationship with the client even in the event of withdrawal by  the company.

The current contingency highlights a significant contraction in the availability on the market and increasing difficulty in accessing a competitive offer for Property and Liability coverage, an issue that involving also the sector of small and medium sized businesses is creating the conditions for the development of a complementary offer, with particular reference to agency intermediaries or intermediaries registered with section E of the RUI.

With reference to the area of responsibility, among others, it is possible to cite:

individual D&O coverage offered to independent administrators or for subjects that that operate in roles of administrator, counsellor, member of the management council, syndicate, member of the surveillance council, member of the committee for the control of management, person responsible for the control of accounts, director general of any Company.

MediaTech coverage to protect against different types of risk inherent to professional services in the computing and media sector (technology consultancy, internet services, multimedia & advertising, software development, technology service providers in  outsourcing, etc.)

Integrated in the offer relating to the area of civil responsibility is a series of solutions for Protection of the Person (Injuries – Reimbursement of Medical Expenses – Term Life Insurance) coherent with the profile of the professional figure and their need to protect their quality of life and its centrality to the continuity of their profession (Key Man).

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